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I'd like to use Confluence markup language to generate my site using the Maven site plugin.

As said in the doxia documentation, it seems to be possible.

Here is my file structure (as required by the site plugin documentation) :

+- site
   +- confluence
      +- index.confluence

But just like that, nothing is generated. By looking at the FAQ, I tried to include the "doxia-module-confluence" in the plugin build :


But it's still the same, my index page is not rendered (I've got the default one).

Does somebody know how to do ?

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Take a look to maven confluence plugin. I've built it to replace use of site plugin, in order to have a documentation site having a better fit in confluence – bsorrentino Sep 2 '15 at 7:22
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Actually, the file structure + the usage of that dependency (doxia-module-confluence) is OK.

The problem was I first generate the page without the dependency (so it didn't use my confluence file to generate the index), and then I added the dependency. But I didn't run mvn clean before the second mvn site so the index was directly used from the previously generated index.html !

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generated maven sites does not match very well with Confluence style.

If you need to update Confluence pages at each deploy or release I have to suggest a small opensource plugin I have done called confluence-maven-plugin.
In this way, you can use maven site for other purposes...

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