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I'm ServiceStack newbie. Thank your good job. I encountered a problem about Session. There are two projects, a ServiceHost, another is ASP.NET MVC 3 website. ServiceHost used for Request Dto, Response Dto & Service Defination. for used ServiceStack Session, I register a new session feature plugin and cacheclient to IOC. all these at Service Host Project. How can I use the ServiceStack session at MVC project?

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Inheriting from the ServiceStackController base class provides access to ServiceStack's typed and un-typed sessions bag.

The ServiceStackController is available in the ServiceStack.Mvc and ServiceStack.Host.Mvc NuGet packages.

More info about ServiceStack's sessions is contained in the Session wiki.

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thanks for your answer, the apphost defined in service layer(one machine), and session & cache registerd in it. the web site in another machine, could be share singlton session between them? –  Microtoby Oct 12 '12 at 4:48
You can't share singletons across different machines? If using 2 different processes you need to use a distributed cache like Redis or Memcached. In same AppDomain you can use MemoryCacheClient. –  mythz Oct 12 '12 at 8:36

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