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For some reason, I cannot get ptr_list to insert elements.

boost::ptr_list<int> somelist;
int *someint = new int(123);
int *someint2 = new int(456);
boost:: ptr_list<int>::iterator i = somelist.begin();


Any help, please?

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You snippet compiles fine for me. What's the error message? –  avakar Aug 16 '09 at 9:20
could you, please, tell what headers did you include? Could not find a match for 'boost::ptr_sequence_adapter<int,_STL::list<void *,_STL::allocator<void *> >,boost::heap_clone_allocator>::insert<InputIterator>(boost::void_ptr_iterator<_‌​STL::_List_iterator<void *,_STL::_Nonconst_traits<void *> >,int>,int *)' –  Andrew Aug 16 '09 at 9:35
well, I guess it is specific problem of an old compiler I use (borland c++ builder 6). Downloading right now a new version to check if it solves my problem. –  Andrew Aug 16 '09 at 9:45
I've included boost/ptr_container/ptr_list.hpp. –  avakar Aug 16 '09 at 10:00
You should probably write the solution as an answer and accept it, so that the question doesn't remain unanswered. It would be wasted work for people looking for unanswered questions. –  Sahas Aug 16 '09 at 17:15

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Some update. After spending another 24 hours on this, I figured out that Borland C++ Builder 6 (very old one 2002) is more compatible with boost 1.39 than a brand new C++ Builder 2009.
But neither of them seem to like pointer containers.

Right now I regret that I did not start this project in MSVC but this is what I have.

So if anyone knows how to use pointer containers with C++ Builder, please, share this information. For me this question is still unresolved.

Switched back to std::list<boost::shared_pointer>

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some update. Newest version of boost in the SVN trunk seems to have a lot of fixes for Borland and gives to access to more components but still errors with pointer containers. –  Andrew Aug 20 '09 at 1:19

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