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Shouldn't the list comprehension restrict the variable scope.

user = <user1>
project.users = [<user1>, <user2>, <user3>, <user4>]
project_usernames  = [user.username for user in project.users]

I am generating the list project_usernames using list comprehension on project.users. But it is modifying the user to which was earlier .

I am using above flow in one of my project but because of this bug it was not working.

later when I changed the variable "user" in list comprehension, it worked properly.

entity within <> refers to

I know that the interpreter works line by line, but shouldn't the scope of variable used in list comprehension die once the iteration is over?.

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This is a Python 2.x 'feature', where the variable you use inside of the list comprehension (in your case, user) becomes part of the surrounding scope (in Python 3, it is treated like a generator - see here for the breakdown from Guido himself). Assuming that you are iterating through your list (as opposed to needing to have everything available in memory), you could set it up like a generator by just changing the brackets to parentheses:

>>> user = 'test'
>>> l = ['user1', 'user2', 'user3']
>>> users = (user[4] for user in l)
>>> users
<generator object <genexpr> at 0x7f6a89507140>
>>> user
>>> for num in users:
...   print num
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