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I am creating a Basic Msi Installer using Installshield 2012 spring professional .

Here i create a folder structure in Application Files as C:\Program files\Test Setup\Productname , Test Setup is the INSTALLDIR , and within this i have sub directories one of which [launch] contains the exe files .

I have added these files and the directory sturcture using the Add Files and folders option in Application files menu of Project Assistant.

After installing the product , when i uninstall it i find that while some exe files are deleted . few of the exe files in the launch subdirectory are not deleted . None of the exe s are started.

Installshield is supposed to delete all the files and folders it created unless they have been modified or being used , but i am not running the files during uninstall nor have i changed any file .. Where am i going wrong any ideas ??

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I found the answer ..!! The files were not being removed due to some registry entries that were left undeleted , i cleared those entries and then tried installing and uninstalling and it worked fine all the files and folders were deleted.

This link was very useful:

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The only way I found to do this is to replace the setup.gif file with my file in the theme directory I use.. I just replace the setup.gif under: C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2014\Support\Themes\InstallShield Blue Theme

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