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I'm using MiniProfile to try and figure out why my MVC site is taking a long time. It looks like the 'Find' method is where the time is being spent. I have read a couple things on this and most people seemed to suggest that it was due to having <compilation debug="true" .. > set in the web.conf. I can confirm that in the following example the debug is not set (my compilation looks like the following):

<compilation targetFramework="4.0">

No where is debug mentioned. But yet, my find calls are taking upwards of three seconds :S


Any suggestions on how I can figure this out? (Note: I am running on an Azure production server. I have RDC'd into the system to confirm that the pushed web.config does not contain the debug="true").

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If this is the first request coming to your website after publishing or after the AppDomain has been brought down by IIS it is normal that the Find method takes a long time. It will then cache the location for this view and on subsequent requests it should be much faster. Try Ctrl+F5ing in your browser on the same url.

Also try explicitly setting debug="false" in your web.config.

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Take a look at this to compile your views when you compile you app. This should help with the first request to the view. – kevin_fitz Oct 11 '12 at 15:03

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