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I have created custom validator that validates object comparing its fields (it uses EntityManager to validate fields). When the object is invalid MyValidator adds error message to Form object, because validator is associated to Entity not Field.

 * @StrictAssert\MyValidator
class State extends MyEntity

Is there a way to add Field error instead of Form error when validation fails?

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In your validator, you have to specifiy the field that was in violation !

with $context->setPropertyPath($propertyPath;

Here is a simple example with field length check

 * @Assert\Callback(methods={"MyValidator"})
class MyEntity

   public function MyValidator(ExecutionContext $context)

    $propertyPath = $context->getPropertyPath() . '.length';

        //add some logic
           //set the pointer on the field in error

           //generate the error
           $context->addViolation('Incorrect length for type', array(), null);

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