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I want to generate a JSP file in eclipse helios-SR2-win32 (3.6) version. It should be as simple as right-clicking on the Web Content folder of the Crystal Reports Web Project and selecting New->JSP, but some how I dont have the option of JSP inside New. I also downloaded the "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers", because it could be one of the reasons for this error, but still nothing.

Ideally it should be like::

enter image description here

I found this problem when I was finding the JSP editor, for which I downloaded Eclipse Web Page editor this way. Before that I had the New->JSP option (although I am not sure about it).

I am generating Crystal Reports with help of Eclipse, so I can get JSP files from Report files(.rpt). But I want to generate in above mentioned way. I think its linked with some jar file missing, and so searched for a long time on Google but found no solution.

Please help me by some links or guidance.Thanks in advance!!

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What options show up when you right click on your Crystal Reports Web Project and then New ? – Hardik Mishra Oct 11 '12 at 12:08
@HardikMishra-It shows all the options like Project, File, Folder, sql File, etc that we have on New, but not JSP.. – Name is Nilay Oct 11 '12 at 12:12
@HardikMishra-I also downloaded the "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers". – Name is Nilay Oct 11 '12 at 12:16
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Solved this error when I uninstalled following plug-ins from Help->About Eclipse SDK->Installation Details:

  • Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools

  • JST Web UI

And then again Re-installed them by Help->Install New Software. Help -> Install new Software, choose the Helios - and in that Web, XML, and Java EE Development->Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools AND JST Web UI and press Next and finally Finish.

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