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I have this code:

  $(document).keyup(function(e) { 
     if (e.keyCode == 27 && $('#dropdown-themes2').is(":visible")) {
    if (e.keyCode == 27 && $('#style-inner').is(":visible")) {
       $('#style-inner').hide("slide", { direction: "left" }, 100);
       $('#panel-opener').animate({left:"0"}, 100).css({'background-image':'url(img/gear.png)',

So on pressing ESC, one item should slide (close). Its working fine when i am inside parent. But when i click and work inside iframe, ESC isn't working. Now that has sense as i need somehow to access parent elements from inside iframe. So I tried with adding parent.document so the code would be:

  $(document).keyup(function(e) { 
     if (e.keyCode == 27 && $('#dropdown-themes2',parent.document).is(":visible")) {
    if (e.keyCode == 27 && $('#style-inner',parent.document).is(":visible")) {
       $('#style-inner',parent.document).hide("slide", { direction: "left" }, 100);
       $('#panel-opener',parent.document).animate({left:"0"}, 100).css({'background-image':'url(img/gear.png)',

But nothing. I am having hard time with iframes.

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Its on same domain. So no problem with origin policy. – Goran Jakovljevic Oct 11 '12 at 12:33

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To answer my own question:

For example if i want to hide one element in parent document when clicking inside IFrame of id #displayframe, I did this:

     var iframeRef = document.getElementById('displayframe');
                $(document, parent.window.document).contents().find('#style-inner').hide();
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