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I'm trying to get data out of an array by using following command:

$newarray = $current_ds2_data -match $codenumber

In this case the $current_ds2_data is an array as a result of the "Import-Csv" command and the $codenumber contains the value I want to search for in the array. This work OK.

Following is an example of the value of $newarray:

P_SYS_InternalName  : #D_OCEV_ABC-
P_OCEV_Price        : 0.15
P_NDS_ValidPN       : 12345678
P_OCEV_PriceUnit    : 
P_NDS_VersionNumber : 1

Now I want to modify the value of the P_OCEV_Price field by doing

$newarray.P_OCEV_Price = 0.2

however this doesn't seem to work. It appears that $newarray.P_OCEV_Price contains no value. Somehow PS doesn't recognize P_OCEV_Price to be a cell of the array.

I also tried using

$newarray.["P_OCEV_Price"] = 0.2

to comply with hash-table formating

Next to this I tried defining the $newarray explicitly as an array or hash-table by using

$newarray = @()


$newarray = @{}

So far nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong??

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Since your $newarray variable is an array, you won't be able to use the simple $newarray.P_OCEV_Price syntax to change that value. Here are two alternate options that may help you, depending on your source data:

# Change the price of the first matching item
$newarray[0].P_OCEV_Price = 0.2

# Change the price for all matching items
$newarray | Foreach-Object { $_.P_OCEV_Price = 0.2 }

In cases like this, I usually like to point out that arrays of size 1 are easy to confuse with single objects in Powershell. If you try looking at $newarray and $newarray[0] with simple output statements the results will probably look identical. It's a good idea to keep GetType() handy in these cases.

# This will show a type of Object[]

# The type here will show PSCustomObject instead
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Yup, that does the trick. Thanks so much for your swift response!! –  user1737974 Oct 11 '12 at 13:32

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