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I am currently using ftp_rawlist to output every file and folder including subfolders in the root directory of a remote site. The output of the files in the array include the permissions, the user etc

e.g from var_Dump

string(68) "-rw-r--r--    1 XXXX   XXXX         1754 Sep 13 12:13 run.js"

I run through the array of files and folders in a foreach loop, I grab the last occurance of a space to isolate the file and folder name using strrchr function. I then trim the whitespace and finally using the if statement

      if($newfilename != ".." || $newfilename != "."   $newfilename != "")  {

         echo $newfilename."</br>";

I expect it to output files and folders in the array that don't contain ".." or "." "" But it still outputs anyway. Any help please?

  array(".", "..", "name.txt")

just output


instead of

., .., name.txt

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Your conditions should be &&, not ||:

if ($newfilename != ".." && $newfilename != "."  && $newfilename != "")  {
    // file name is not '..', '.' or ''
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if(($newfilename != "..") && ($newfilename != ".") && ($newfilename != ""))  {
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if(!in_array($newfilename,["..",".",""]))  {

Shorter & absolutely dirty

!in_array($newfilename,["..",".",""]) && !echo $newfilename."</br>" &&  var_dump($newfilename);

(echo doesn't return any value, so negate null is true, hence execute var_dump)

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