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I have a query

create procedure pr_InsertFilterOnItemCreation
@zCategoryId int,
@zItemId int,
@zFilterid int
declare @productId int
set @productId = (SELECT convert(int,IDENT_CURRENT('item')))
if( @productId<>null)
insert into t_lnk_cat_product_filter_item set   cde_catid=@zCategoryId,cde_productid=@productId,cde_filterid=@zFilterid,cde_filteritemid=@zItemId
select 1

I'm getting error

Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'set'

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if( @productId<>null): is never true because null comparisons are always undefined, and undefined is treated as false here. Use is not null or is null to test null values; former in your case. –  Nikola Markovinović Oct 11 '12 at 13:02

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Your INSERT INTO statement should be written this way:

INSERT INTO t_lnk_cat_product_filter_item
      (cde_catid,    cde_productid, cde_filterid, cde_filteritemid)
SELECT @zCategoryId, @productId,    @zFilterid,   @zItemId

Instead of:

insert into t_lnk_cat_product_filter_item 
set cde_catid = @zCategoryId,
    cde_productid = @productId,
    cde_filterid = @zFilterid,
    cde_filteritemid = @zItemId
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why u want to go for set here, just insert the values if the table is empty or update the corresponding values

insert into t_lnk_cat_product_filter_item    
(cde_catid, cde_productid, cde_filterid, cde_filteritemid)                                                                                                                 values ( @zCategoryId, @productId, @zFilterid, @zItemId)
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either you do:

insert into t_lnk_cat_product_filter_item 
values(@value1, @value2, @value3)


insert t_lnk_cat_product_filter_item 
select @value1, @value2, @value3
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