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I'm making a Regular Expression testing tool for work. I would like it to be a simple AUI application, but after transferring what seems to me to be the core of an AUI application from the demo to my code, it crashes on startup. I can only see the wxPython log window for a fraction of a second before it disappears, and the code produces no errors in the console.

Here is the troublesome frame. If I comment out all the _mgr lines, the application runs just fine.

class RegexTesterFrame(wx.Frame):
    def __init__(self):
            self, None, -1, 'Regex tester', (100, 100),
            (400, 400), wx.DEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE


    def initialize_components(self):
        self._mgr = wx.aui.AuiManager()

        self._perspectives = []

            wx.CheckBox(self, -1, 'test'),
            wx.aui.AuiPaneInfo().Name('Test pane').Caption('Test caption').Top()


        self.Bind(wx.EVT_CLOSE, self.on_close)

    def on_close(self, event):
        del self._mgr

Here is the full code (~100 lines): http://pastebin.com/xZS2g1fq

And here is the demo I'm working from (LARGE): http://pastebin.com/G26BMYZx

I'm curious about two things - why does the application crash, and why do I get no error output when wxPython applications crash in general.

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Please add a simple testcase where the problem also occurs to your question instead of just posting pastebin links containing more code (it's over 1k LOC!) than anyone here is likely to read. –  ThiefMaster Oct 11 '12 at 13:16
@ThiefMaster: My code is really small. I don't expect anybody to read the entire demo code but I added it just in case. In any case I copied the most relevant code to the question. –  Hubro Oct 11 '12 at 13:24

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I've struggled with this since yesterday, but as usual, the minute I ask the question on StackOverflow I figure it out. First of all I got the application to output error information in a message box instead of stderr:

def main():
        app = RegexTesterApp(True)
        import traceback
        xc = traceback.format_exception(*sys.exc_info())

Then the error revealed that wx.aui was a module that I hadn't imported. Importing it fixed the crash.

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