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I'm curious if there a source code of SGI Numatools, which is part of proprietary package (SGI ProPack); but contain GPL code. This package consists of dlook, dplace NUMA utilities and numatools kernel module.

GPL license is listed there, in release notes of SGI ProPack:

 numatools : GPL 
sgi-numatools-kmp-debug : GPL
sgi-numatools-kmp-default : GPL
sgi-numatools-kmp-sltdebug : GPL
sgi-numatools-kmp-smp : GPL
sgi-numatools-kmp-xen : GPL
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They used to claim that:

SGI established its intellectual alliance with Open Source years before the term was coined.

and they still provide some information about NUMA Linux support:

and a pointer to its SourceForge project:

However the sources and information that you find in those links is not exactly up-to-date...

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