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I would like to prevent the user to access subpages of my jqm page. To do that I use the pagebeforecreate event to check a certain condition and depending on that, change the page displayed (cancel current pageload and redirect or normally load the current starting/main page). The Problem is, that I still see the page flickering up before the changePage() is executed even when I call the preventDefault() method. I also used a relative URL as the first parameter (to = 'page.php') of the changePage(to, options) and since my #subpage1 lies within the page.php it should open - which it did - but then the transitions are broken because no real refresh was done.

Note that I have a page.php including different #subpage's (such as #subpage1, #subpage2).

jQuery(document).on('pagebeforecreate', '#subpage2', function(event, data) {
    if (!isCondition1() && !isCondition2()) {
        // stop loading #subpage2
        event.preventDefault();'#subpage1'), {
            data: 'lang=de&param1=foo&param2=bar',
            reloadPage: true,
            type: 'get'
    // go on loading #subpage2

jQuery(document).one('pageinit', '#subpage2', function() {
    // do something
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Did you try with 'pagebeforehide' event of the first page ? – Stéphane Piette Oct 11 '12 at 13:56
Not really because the #subpage1 is never shown when I go to page.php#subpage2. So that does not make sense. – junior Oct 11 '12 at 14:34
Check the documentation at the Page Load events. There is even an example on how to prevent normal navigation. Then you can handle all the page loading yourself. – Calavoow Oct 11 '12 at 14:47
Please have a look at the first line of the documentation that states 'Whenever an external page is loaded into the application DOM'. It says external and a subpage does not seem to be an external page (see for that). – junior Oct 11 '12 at 14:50

Have you tried setting the body style to display:none in the html? And then if the page loads correctly you can set it's display property? That should be a 'workaround' to prevent the flicker of the page?

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