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I see CSS code in my web page like below:

<ul tabindex="0" class="level1 static" ...>

But in the css file referenced by the page, I didn't find the level1 or static class name.

Are they some kind of built-in CSS classes?

Is there any formal list of the built-in CSS classes?

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Are they referenced by JavaScript? CSS isn't the only thing that could look for class names. – James Allardice Oct 11 '12 at 13:21
It must be applied by some of your js code. – kalpesh patel Oct 11 '12 at 13:23

No they are not built in classes, CSS has nothing called built in unless and until you use external references like twitter bootstrap framework, these are probably redundant one's, you can remove them safely if your stylesheet doesn't have them

Note: Javascripts may use those classes, so are there any javascripts? I recommend you to check those too.

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No, there aren't any built in ones, but javascript commonly adds and removes them.

Classes aren't just for CSS, they are just a way to store data.

Nowadays by the way, it's considered better practice to use data attributes to store data rather than classes where appropriate.

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I have figured out a way to do it. Use the IHtmlDocument2 interface. With reference to this article:

I will share my code snippet shortly.

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