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I am a .net beginner. I populated a combobox (cmbBrand) based on selection of value in another combobox (cmbProduct). Now i need to show the text in txtUpdatePrice TextBox related to the selection of value in cmbBrand combobox.

Here is my XML file

Well till now i wrote the below code:

        cmbProduct --> combobox    ---> "productname" tag from xml
        cmbBrand   --> combobox    ---> "brandname" tag from xml
        txtNewPrice--> TextBox     ---> "price" tag from xml


        DataSet dsUpdate = new DataSet();


        cmbProduct.DataSource = dsUpdate.Tables[0]
            .DefaultView.ToTable(true, "productname");
        cmbProduct.DisplayMember = "productname";
        cmbProduct.SelectedIndex = 0;
        cmbProduct_SelectedIndexChanged(sender, e);
        cmbProduct.SelectedIndexChanged+=new EventHandler(cmbProduct_SelectedIndexChanged);

cmbProduct_SelectedIndexChanged (Firing event Manually from form load)

        foreach (DataRow Row in dsUpdate.Tables[0].Select("productname='" + cmbProduct.Text + "'"))
        cmbBrand.SelectedIndex = 0;   

Just like the above code i want to show text in txtUpdatePrice textbox("price" tag from xml) when combobox cmbBrand is selected. I dont know how to start to show text in txtUpdatePrice. I tried implementing the above same function but no use.

Please help
Thanks in Advance.

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Just add SelectedIndexChanged for cmbBrand:


txtUpdatePrice.Text = cmbBrand.SelectedItem.ToString();
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Actually, txtUpdatePrice.Text should have the price tag text from xml file in it based on the selection of cmbBrand text. How to do this? – Mr_Green Oct 11 '12 at 13:53

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