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FasterCSV has a default options hash;

DEFAULT_OPTIONS = { :col_sep => ",",
                    :row_sep => :auto,
                    :quote_char => '"',
                    :converters => nil,
                    :unconverted_fields => nil,
                    :headers => false,
                    :return_headers => false,
                    :header_converters => nil,
                    :skip_blanks => false,
                    :force_quotes => false }

These options can be overridden by passing a hash to FasterCSV read and write methods. Most of them are self explanatory and easy to use but I couldn't find documentation explaining their usage. Is this information available (I haven't been able to find any credible source on the internet) I have had to resort to just trying them out to see what they do.

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FasterCSV has replaced the former CSV module in the standard library and is since then renamed to 'CSV'. Have a look at the new method for the options.

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Apologies, I'm still on ruby 1.8 hence FasterCSV, I should've looked at CSV instead. –  Kibet Yegon Oct 11 '12 at 14:05

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