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I am using python framework for designing small web application, and trying to validate password field with concept that Password length must be more than five characters.

According to the framework we can write regex for validating password field and below is my code

render = web.template.render('templates/')

urls = (
  '/login',   'Login',
  '/projects',  'Projects',
  '/project_details',  'Project_Details',  

app = web.application(urls, globals())
vpass = form.regexp('Must be more than 5', lambda x:int(x)>5)

class Login:

        login_form = form.Form( 
        form.Textbox('username', form.notnull),
        form.Password('password',vpass, description="Password"),

    def GET(self):
        form = self.login_form()
        return render.login(form)

    def POST(self):
        if not self.login_form.validates():
            return render.login(self.login_form)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    web.internalerror = web.debugerror  

But when i click on login button no message is displaying on browser "password length must......" .

Whether above regex working ?

How to implement password validation in frameowrk

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You want to use a Validator, not a rexexp object:

vpass = form.Validator('Must be more than 5 characters', lambda x:len(x)>5)

A rexexp object expects a python regular expression as the first argument, and an error message as the second argument. A password validating regular expression would be something like:

vpass = form.regexp('.{6,}', 'Must be at least 6 characters')
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thanks very much Martijn , you helped me many times previously once again thanks a lot. Here the validation is working if password len is less than 6 it is redirecting to render.login(self.login_form) as i wrote in post form, but i am unable to see the messhae on web browser . how can we achieve that – shiva krishna Oct 11 '12 at 14:06
@Kouripm: Ah, this is a login form; I misunderstood and thought it was a password change form. I don't know well enough for that, I am afraid. – Martijn Pieters Oct 11 '12 at 14:18

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