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I wonder are there features for jenkins to capture the result /data in a node and persist it in master.

I come up with the scenario that I need to check some folders in two machines to see whether they have same no of files & same size.

If hudson can save some result like "ls -ltR" in master , then I can gather at both node the results in two jobs then compare.

Are there any elegant solution to this simple problem?

currently I can connect two machines to each other via SSH and solve the problem, while this connection is not always available. (With SSH I believe the best way is to use rsync -an /path/to/ hostB:/path/to/)

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Simple problem, only slightly elegant solution :

  1. Write a simple job listdir which does DIR > C:\logs\list1.txt .. list
  2. Go to Post-build Actions
  3. Add Archive the artifacts for example from above: C:\logs\*.*
  4. Now run a build and go to http://jenkinsservername:8080/job/listdir/
  5. You'll see the list1.txt which you can click on, and see the contents.

    I have given a Windows example, you can of course replace DIR with ls -ltr

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Or use archive artifacts in combination with the Copy Artifacts Plugin to pull the result of another job in the job where the comparison shall be done.

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