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I'm on windows and trying to create a new app inside a common folder named Apps. The myApp folder already exists inside Apps. I'm running from the project root:

python manage.py startapp myApp Apps\myApp

and I get:

Error: 'Apps\\myApp' is not a valid app name. Please use only numbers, letters and underscores.

I don't know why that double backslash. I tried also with a forward slash just to be sure:

python manage.py startapp myApp Apps/myApp

and I get this:

Error: 'myApp' conflicts with the name of an existing Python module and cannot be used as an app name. Please try another name.

I can't understand if it is a Windows or a Python problem.

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does myApp actually conflict with an existing python module? what happens if you try "myApp2"? –  hwjp Oct 11 '12 at 14:17
actually, just spun up a windows vm, i think that's a real bug... –  hwjp Oct 11 '12 at 14:21
I've tried several names, I always get the same result. I actually copied an old app folder inside the Apps folder, I added a Apps\__init__.py, synced the db and it seems to work. But still, I guess this is a workaround not a solution.. –  Leonardo Oct 11 '12 at 14:25

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Try this:

mkdir Apps\newapp
python manage.py startapp NewApp Apps/newapp

And you will to create a app called "NewApp" inside folder "Apps/newapp".

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Nope, it creates the NewApp folder inside the root and I get the error back: Error: 'Apps\\newapp' is not a valid app name. Please use only numbers, letters and underscores.. I guess it concerns that double backslash... –  Leonardo Oct 11 '12 at 15:33
It works for me, in Windows 7, Django 1.4... (: –  Ricardo Carmo Oct 11 '12 at 17:20
I'm on Xp, Django 1.4, no idea what's going on. –  Leonardo Oct 12 '12 at 8:13

from the docs:

If the optional destination is provided, Django will use that existing directory rather than creating a new one. You can use '.' to denote the current working directory.
django-admin.py startapp myapp /Users/jezdez/Code/myapp

So try python manage.py startapp myApp ./Apps/myApp or with the full path.

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The dot '.' doesn't work on Windows, so I tried the absolute path python manage.py startapp myApp D:\Documents\HOME\MyProject\Apps\myApp and an app called myApp is created in the root folder and I get this error: Error: 'D:\\Documents\\HOME\\MyProject\\Apps\\myApp' is not a valid app name. Please use only numbers, letters and underscores. so as you can see all the backslashes are doubled, I think a Windows problem.. –  Leonardo Oct 11 '12 at 15:04
did you mess around with the PYTHONPATH variable? –  vikingosegundo Oct 12 '12 at 20:36
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I had the same trouble on my Mac as well.
I did solve it upgrading Django from vervion 1.3 to version 1.4.

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