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I want to create facebook app. In this official tutorial I see, that:

  • facebook user enter to my app
  • first I have to recieve POST query with signed_request argument to my server app
  • Parsing signed_request.
  • I see, there are no user_id or oauth_token in signed_request, and I can't see code argument, so I redirect to or (what difference between these to links?)
  • User add my app, gives me permission.
  • Then I get POST query with code and signed_request arguments.
  • I see in signed_request oauth_token.

Question: After that I must use this oauth_token, like access_token for Facebook Graph API, or I must create query to with code, and then I receive access_token, which I must use.

So, again:

  1. oauth_token vs access_token
  2. vs
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If you are getting a signed_request parameter, then you’re obviously inside of a canvas or page tab iframe. How login works for those, is explained in these docs sub-chapters:, – CBroe Oct 11 '12 at 14:33

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