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i have an array that has 3 different values

var = [[11/11/12, 45, oijadsoiajsd], [12/11/12, 45, oijadsoiajsd], [13/11/12, 45, oijadsoiajsd]]

how can i make it so it will show the text as well, i have it set up so it shows

label: 'People Talking About This',
color: '#16aad7',
highlighter: {formatString: '<span class="date">(%s)</span><span lass="number">%s</span>'},
color: '#16aad7'

please help, how can i put the text on the tooltip as well??

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The problem is that if you want the system to read an extra info you need to add it so the system knows is in the array.

   highlighter: {
     show: true,
     sizeAdjust: 5,

So the key here is the :


if you have more than 2 data in the array and you want to read the 3rd or 4rd info in the array you have to tell the sistem that you have 2, 3 values on the yvalues.

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