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I have an existing results page that queries a table and shows matching records in a table via a loop like:

<table class="WADAResultsTable" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <th class="WADAResultsTableHeader">clientID:</th>
  <?php do { ?>
    <tr class="<?php echo $WARRT_AltClass1->getClass(true); ?>">

      <td class="WADAResultsTableCell">
      <?php echo($row_WADAsys_visits['clientID']); ?></td>
  <?php } while ($row_WADAsys_visits = mysql_fetch_assoc($WADAsys_visits)); ?>

The problem is that the clientID means nothing to the viewer. I created a recordset that performs a join with the table sys_client to get the names.

mysql_select_db($database_redcross, $redcross);
$query_idToClient = "SELECT clientLName, clientFName FROM sys_client LEFT JOIN sys_visits USING (clientID)";
$idToClient = mysql_query($query_idToClient, $redcross) or die(mysql_error());
$row_idToClient = mysql_fetch_assoc($idToClient);
$totalRows_idToClient = mysql_num_rows($idToClient);

How do I alter the loop to echo the clientFName and clientLName found in that JOIN that matches the pre-existing clientID already echo'd in the loop?

Here is the sys_visits code:

$maxRows_WADAsys_visits = 25;
$pageNum_WADAsys_visits = 0;
if (isset($_GET['pageNum_WADAsys_visits'])) {
  $pageNum_WADAsys_visits = $_GET['pageNum_WADAsys_visits'];
$startRow_WADAsys_visits = $pageNum_WADAsys_visits * $maxRows_WADAsys_visits;

mysql_select_db($database_redcross, $redcross);
$query_WADAsys_visits = "SELECT pid, clientID, address, city, state, zip, latitude, longitude, FROM sys_visits ORDER BY pid ASC";
$query_limit_WADAsys_visits = sprintf("%s LIMIT %d, %d", $query_WADAsys_visits, $startRow_WADAsys_visits, $maxRows_WADAsys_visits);
$WADAsys_visits = mysql_query($query_limit_WADAsys_visits, $redcross) or die(mysql_error());
$row_WADAsys_visits = mysql_fetch_assoc($WADAsys_visits);

if (isset($_GET['totalRows_WADAsys_visits'])) {
  $totalRows_WADAsys_visits = $_GET['totalRows_WADAsys_visits'];
} else {
  $all_WADAsys_visits = mysql_query($query_WADAsys_visits);
  $totalRows_WADAsys_visits = mysql_num_rows($all_WADAsys_visits);
$totalPages_WADAsys_visits = ceil($totalRows_WADAsys_visits/$maxRows_WADAsys_visits)-1;
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Please don't use the mysql_* functions as they are in the deprecation process. Be a better PHP Developer. –  Jason McCreary Oct 11 '12 at 14:42
You need to update $WADAsys_visits, not create your own query (i.e. $query_idToClient). Do you have access to that code, if so, post it. –  Jason McCreary Oct 11 '12 at 14:45
@JasonMcCreary I updated the question with the sys_visits code. I'll check out the deprecation, was not aware. –  Rocco The Taco Oct 11 '12 at 15:18

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Without seeing the full schema I can only guess:

SELECT pid, clientID, address, city, state, zip, latitude, longitude, clientLName, clientFName FROM sys_visits join sys_client USING( clientID ) ORDER BY pid ASC

Then change this line:

<td class="WADAResultsTableCell">
  <?php echo($row_WADAsys_visits['clientID']); ?></td>


<td class="WADAResultsTableCell">    
  <?php echo($row_WADAsys_visits['clientLName']); ?>   
  <?php echo($row_WADAsys_visits['clientFName']); ?></td>
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