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I have a very common scenario.
I have a publisher which is sending message to Exchange(Test1). I want to feed messages from exchange to Esper by AMQP adapter which is present in Esper.
When I listen messages to a simple consumer it works fine. But when i connect a custom queue to EsperAmqp adapter it accepts the queue but queue gets cleared and exchanges stops filling it. I am attaching my code of listener in case of AMQP adapter.

//Configuring queue
ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();
Connection connection = factory.newConnection();
Channel channel = connection.createChannel();
channel.exchangeDeclare("exchangeNameString", "fanout");
String queueName = channel.queueDeclare("MyQueue", false, false, true, null).getQueue();
channel.queueBind(queueName, "exchangeNameString", "");

//Engine configuration

Configuration cepConfig = new Configuration();
cepConfig.addEventType("LiveFeed", LiveFeed.class.getName());
EPServiceProvider cep = EPServiceProviderManager.getProvider("myCEPEngine", cepConfig);
EPRuntime cepRT = cep.getEPRuntime();
EPAdministrator cepAdm = cep.getEPAdministrator();
cepAdm.getConfiguration().addImport(AMQPSource.class.getPackage().getName() + ".*");

//Engine Configuration Ends         

String epl = "Create Dataflow AMQPIncomingDataFlow \n"
           + "Create schema test as (id string), \n"
           + "AMQPSource -> Outstream<test> \n"
           + "{host: 'localhost',"
           + "queueName: '" + queueName + "',"
           + "declareDurable: false,"
           + "declareExclusive: false,"
           + "declareAutoDelete: true,"
           + "exchange: '" + "exchangeNameString" + "',"
           + "collector: {class: 'amqpCollectors.testCollector'}, logMessages: true } \n"
           + "LogSink(Outstream){}";

EPDataFlowInstance instance = cepRT.getDataFlowRuntime().instantiate("AMQPIncomingDataFlow");

Am I missing something in between?

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Exchange setting is not working in AMQPAdapter in esper. Is there any workaround for this? –  Chaturvedi Dewashish Dec 17 '12 at 6:11

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