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Scenario: My firm currently has an existing web bases application for submitting invoices to our home office. We are looking at implementing SAP FI module and I am trying to figure out how to post to SAP through a REST call in Netweaver Gateway. I am green when it comes to SAP so I am having a difficult time even searching for solutions. From what I understand the Netweaver Gateway exposes interfaces to that legacy systems can integrate into it. Is this correct? If so can someone point me in the right direction to understand the steps involved. Lets say I have a .NET 4.0 app that wants to make submit an invoice using a REST Post to SAP. What do I call? Do I develop the ABAP service? Is there an existing interface to consume?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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SAP systems are largely enabled for web-service access, which means regular SOAP in this case (REST and OData is used by Netweaver Gateway).

Based on your scenario, you can browse all available web services in ES Workplace:

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In many cases you won't have to develop ABAP code for this. First, find out whether you'll be contacting a NetWeaver Gateway Server or the back-end system. Be aware that the NWGS is a separate IU, not some generic stuff. If the home office doesn't provide a Gateway Server, you'll have to use an entirely different technique.

Then, get in touch with someone who knows FI inside-out, know how your system is configured and can tell you which BAPIs to call and with which parameters. There are literally dozens up to hundreds of fields you'll have fill correctly, otherwise it won't work.

Then, depending on the technology, either use the NWGS features (can't help you there) or check some other questions here

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We will be using Gatway Server. We will have an implementation partner configure the system. I am trying to do some ground work and get myself educated on how our existing systems will communicate with Gateway. At this point we will be integrating with .NET and SnapLogic. – TampaRich Oct 11 '12 at 16:52

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