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I'm trying to create my docs with Sphinx, and now on two machines I have the exact same problem: the program-output directive does not work.

I installed Sphinx, then the programoutput extension:

$ sudo pip install sphinxcontrib-programoutput

The installation went fine, documents compile beautifully to nice looking html, but the command-output just doesn't work.

I created a super-simple test case with a file called test.rst containing a single line:

.. program-output:: python -V

Now when trying to compile this, I get the following output (path abbreviated):

/path/to/test.rst:1: ERROR: Unknown directive type "program-output".

Changing program-output to it's alias command-output doesn't work either (not surprising). I really wonder what I'm doing wrong here. I followed the installation instructions, tried it again and again, reinstalled with an --upgrade flag, nothing works.

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did you added sphinxcontrib-programoutput in your – bmu Oct 12 '12 at 5:41
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Thanks to bmu I found the problem, indeed I had to add it to the

Now the next question: "why is this not in the installation/usage documentation of this extension?" It's not mentioned in which is the first link I get when googling for this extension.

Anyway the complete answer, hope it's useful for other people too:

Go to the document root of your documentation (e.g. ~/Projects/project-name/doc) where the rest of your documents are.

Edit file

Look for the line that says extensions = [] (an empty list in my case)

Change this to: extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.programoutput']

And miraculously it suddenly starts to work.

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you should post this as another question or update your question. – bmu Oct 14 '12 at 12:35

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