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I have modular application that contains several modules/plugins, that can alaso run as standalone applications. I dynamically register module/plugin controllers to main application and here is the problem in steps.

My main app has A prefix - its controller" A.controller.AppController. My plugin has B prefix - its controller: B.controller.PortalController

code of plugin controller:

    Ext.define('B.controller.PortalController', {
        extend: 'Ext.app.Controller',
        views: [
        init: function() {
            console.log('portal controller init');



The views register properly with B prefix, Ext.Loader loads B.view.portal.MapPanel but the store is not loaded. If i specify stores:['Test'] it tries to load A.store.Test, if i specify test.Test it does nothing (like error but ext-all-debug does not catch it) and if i specify stores:['B.store.Test'] it loads it properly but now i have to use getBStoreTestStore() to get the store reference that will cause a lot of code changing. How to make the controller to load stores with proper prefix?

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Without override i think it is impossible. What is more for my views it should not work also! All code from ext-all-debug.js

Controller loads classess properly using proper prefix using its own classname:

    namespace = Ext.Loader.getPrefix(className) || match[1];
    namespaceAndModule = namespace + '.' + module + '.'

But For each view, store, model its controller creates getter passing name into getStore, getView, getModel function

    if (!this[fn]) {
                    this[fn] = Ext.Function.pass(this['get' + type], [ref], this);

The getStore function that getter is passed into returns application store:

    getStore: function(name) {
            return this.application.getStore(name);

Application itself uses getModuleClassName to resolve class name

    getModuleClassName: function(name, module) {

            if (name.indexOf('.') !== -1 && (Ext.ClassManager.isCreated(name) || Ext.Loader.isAClassNameWithAKnownPrefix(name))) {
                return name;
            } else {
                return this.name + '.' + module + '.' + name;

So if there is fully qualified class name with known prefix it will return name only otherwise class name will be built using this.name which is application name so using stores:['Test'] will point to A.store.Test.

I am thinking about writting an override but i am afraid that it will break other things.

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