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In Actionscript 3 I could add a method to an object dynamically. like to below code

var s:Sprite = new Sprite()
var f:Function = function(){this.graphic.clear()}
s.clean = f

could I create another Sprite instance with the clean function from s ?

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It is possible using the prototype of Sprite :

Sprite.prototype.clean = function():void { trace("works"); }
var s1:Sprite = new Sprite();
var s2:Sprite = new Sprite();

Of course this adds clean to all the instances of Sprite you create, if that's not what you want you could just create a function to create sprites and use that.

function createSprite():Sprite
   var s:Sprite = new Sprite();
   var f:Function = function(){this.graphic.clear()}
   s.clean = f ;
   return s;

If you don't want to alter the Sprite class your other option is inheritance and adding the clean method to this new class :

public class MySprite extends Sprite
   public function clean():void

var s1:MySprite = new MySprite();
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I really dont want to alter the Sprite Class. Is there any prototype-style solution for that? –  ArchenZhang Oct 11 '12 at 18:31
Edited answer, you can extend Sprite if you don't want to modify it and use that class. –  Barış Uşaklı Oct 11 '12 at 19:03

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