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I'm stuck, looking for any help/suggestions with trying to get my webApi working on deployed test server. Works fine locally but can't get it working on published test site. I'm publishing to an IIS 7 server, I've tried manual xcopy deploy as well as exporting my package from my local IIS and same issue.

I've enabled the Fault Trace on IIS and below is the particular module that it gives a warning on:


ModuleName: ManagedPipelineHandler Notification: 128 HttpStatus: 500 HttpReason: Internal Server Error HttpSubStatus: 0 ErrorCode: 0 ConfigExceptionInfo: Notification: EXECUTE_REQUEST_HANDLER ErrorCode: The operation completed successfully. (0x0)

The handler immediately preceeding this is [AspNetHttpHandler].

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You should try plugging in the tracewriter to see if the Web API internals are throwing an exception asp.net/web-api/overview/testing-and-debugging/… –  Darrel Miller Oct 12 '12 at 2:07

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500 error is usually something wrong in your code. You can turn on error details on server temporarily:

config.IncludeErrorDetailPolicy = IncludeErrorDetailPolicy.Always;

And use fiddler to see what's wrong from response payload.

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