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I'm writing a bash script that, among several more things, calls gnuplot to fit a few data files. When it does so my terminal gets flooded with the gnuplot fit log.

I do not want that, I'd like that gnuplot just kept the fit log to the file 'fit.log', rather than printing it on screen. But I can't find a gnuplot command to prevent the fit log file from being printed on terminal.

How can I redirect all gnuplot text output to a file because I would like to know just by looking at the terminal whether it returned any errors.

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The option you want is

set fit quiet

This will still make the fit.log file. If you don't want to create the file either, you can

set fit logfile '/dev/null'
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Thank you very much! I really don't know why I couldn't see it near the end of the output of the help set fit command. I looked there twice, but there it is! Oh well, I must be more senile than I thought! – Ferdinando Randisi Oct 11 '12 at 16:54

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