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My models are as follow:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  has_one :info, :class_name => "PostulantInfo"
  mount_uploader :curriculum_vitae, DocumentUploader


class PostulantInfo < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user
  has_many :relatives
  has_many :studies, :class_name => "HighSchoolStudy", :foreign_key => :postulant_info_id

  mount_uploader :marriage_certificate, DocumentUploader
  mount_uploader :photo1, FaceImageUploader
  mount_uploader :photo2, SideFaceImageUploader


class Relative < ActiveRecord::Base

  mount_uploader :birth_certificate, DocumentUploader


class HighSchoolStudy < ActiveRecord::Base

  mount_uploader :degree_certificate, DocumentUploader

Actually I just have the default store_dir:

def store_dir

So this is creating a directory structure like:

 - uploads
  - user
   - curriculum_vitae
    - {}
     - {the_file}
   - marriage_certificate
    - {}
     - {the_file}
   - photo1
    - {}
     - {the_file}
   - photo2
    - {}
     - {the_file}
   - and so on...

But I want something like:

 - uploads
  - {user.uuid}
   - {all_the_files_for_this_user}

The problem is I don't know how to give user.uuid, for example, when I want to save the marriage_certificate file of PostulantInfo. I was looking the wiki for a while, but I couldn't find something that could be helpful for this problem.
Thinking in a possible solution could be add an uuid attribute to each of the models containing files, then copy the user.uuid to each one and save it to the db, but this would be a waste of resources.
A less messy solution could be access to the parent model, for example to PostulantInfo model, and do something like:

def store_dir

But this implies that:

  • Make an Uploader for each offspring level
  • Add belongs_to :PostulantInfo to Relative and HighSchoolStudy, where there's no reason for these models know about their Parent (except know the uuid obviously)
  • Each time that I want to render a link to the file, rails will make a db query to know the uuid, when is something that I already have thanks to Devise in current_user.uuid

What should be the best way to achieve this? Thanks in advance

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