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Let's say I have an integer score = 345. How do I store each digit seperatly in an array?

This is what I want:

ScoreValue[0] = 5
ScoreValue[1] = 4
ScoreValue[2] = 3

Or if there's any other way to access each digit seperatly with JS that might work too (I'm a newb at this).

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ScoreValue = String(score).split(''); // gives you ['3', '4', '5']
ScoreValue = String(score).split('').reverse(); // gives you ['5', '4', '3']

If you want the element still be number, then

// gives you [5, 4, 3]
ScoreValue = String(score).split('').reverse().map(function(e) {return +e;});
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this worked thank you very much – Alex Oct 11 '12 at 16:13

You can turn your number into a string, and then split it up, before manipulating the resulting array...

var score = 345    
ScoreValue = score.toString().split('').reverse()
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try this. Using a for loop, force the score to a String then store each digit as a Number in ScoreVaue[i]

for(i=0;i<String(score).length;i++){ScoreValue[i] = Number(String(score).charAt(i))}
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