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I have a test application here which you can use:

Please follow steps below in order to use the app: Application

1. Open the application and you will see that "Total number of Marks Remaining" is 20. Click on the "Add Question" button, this will append a row underneath.

2. Now within the appended row you will see a text input. Type in the number 10 in the text input and click away. You will see that the "Total number of Marks Remaining" has changed from 20 to 10 which is correct (20-10=10)

3. Now within that same row there is a green plus button, click on this button and a modal window will appear with a search bar inside.

4. In the search bar type in 2+2 an then enter the search. A row will appear where under the "Number of Marks" column it shows the number 5, Click on the "Add" button to add the row.

5. This is where the problem is, you will see that in the appended row it says in the text input "5" but if you go back to the top it still says "Total number of Marks Remaining: 10". This should change to 15 as 20 - 5 = 15. But it does not change.

My question is that after the user has added a number into an appended row, how can I get the total marks number to change? Is it because I am using the "OnChange" attribute?

Below is a jsfiddle where it shows the whole code: (Jsfiddle is not a working example, it is just there so you can see the whole code):


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Sorry guys, let me just fix the app and then I wil let you know when it is fixed so you can test it again :) –  user1701484 Oct 11 '12 at 16:16

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On the "add" button in the modal window, you're calling parent.addwindow(key_0,'5','1','A-D','Single','A'); but the function addWindow() in your javascript only has 1 parameter: addwindow(textWeight)... Youy are sending 5 parameters.

The function is being called correctly, you're just not doing anything with the data.

this is what you're sending to the function

enter image description here

Edit after comments

use $(plusbutton_clicked).closest('tr').find('input.txtWeightRow').val(textWeight).‌​trigger('change'); to trigger the change

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I was trying to cut down on the code hence why I only included the textWeight function but I realised I made a mistake with the application. Give me 5 mins to fix the application and then you will be able to test it again. Sorry bout this –  user1701484 Oct 11 '12 at 16:15
Well all you need to do after is take the val() and and the "5" to it. Make sur to use parseInt("5") so that the five becomes a number and not a string. PS: replace the 5 by your variable. –  vyx.ca Oct 11 '12 at 16:18
Please test the application now, you now should be able to follow the steps without any problems (well until you reach step 5 when it doesn't change the number lol) –  user1701484 Oct 11 '12 at 16:20
Could you change line 166: $(plusbutton_clicked).closest('tr').find('input.txtWeightRow').val(textWeight);‌​ to $(plusbutton_clicked).closest('tr').find('input.txtWeightRow').attr('value', textWeight);. You're changing the val() but not the value. I'm thinking that the change only applies when you change the value and not the val. It's not the same thing. –  vyx.ca Oct 11 '12 at 16:32
or better yet change it to $(plusbutton_clicked).closest('tr').find('input.txtWeightRow').val(textWeight).‌​trigger('change'); –  vyx.ca Oct 11 '12 at 16:42

I think this code $('#mainTxtWeight').val(textWeight); is causing the problem.

According to W3C documentation, if you programmatically change the value of an input control, you have to manually fire the change event.

Try using a blur event or just manually fire the change event

Refer to my answer to another SO question for more information.

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