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I'm looking for a specific program I've seen 2-3 people use in college that automatically generated flow charts from pseudocode. I've looked at every link I could find in the 20+ flowcharting threads here on S.O. I did not see the one I am looking for, I've googled and no luck. A fairly simple, flow chart would actually be generated by the if-then-else, while, for loop coding you typed on the left hand side. and a mostly vertical flow chart would be on the right hand side.

I thought the coding was somewhat closely resembled to basic or C.

Anyone know what tool it is?

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Why don't you ask the "2-3 people ... in college" that you refer to? –  paxdiablo Aug 16 '09 at 14:12
Pax, how on earth is that helpful to the OP? Maybe they died? –  Dervin Thunk Aug 16 '09 at 14:14
What, all three of them? Dead in the same plane crash, was it? Maslow's only 31, I would think his college buddies would have a better survival rate than that. I'm still in contact with many of mine at the age of 45. Anyway, it seemed a valid enough question to ask - and the possibility of not being helpful was why it was a comment rather than an answer. –  paxdiablo Aug 16 '09 at 14:25
I believe one is a co-worker that got laid off, and I don't remember whom the other was. –  Maslow Aug 16 '09 at 14:31
Maybe they weren't buddies like Pax's BFFL's, but instead cruel individuals who flaunted their nifty tool in Maslow's face without telling him how to obtain it, laughing mercilessly at his manual efforts all the while - something so painful Maslow represses the very memory of them even now, but yet he still manages to reach out to us, the Stack Overflow Community in a cry for help - and then Pax has to go and re-open that wound??? –  Anon Aug 16 '09 at 15:44

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Sounds like Visustin flow chart generator. Although it looks very pricey for what it does, and you could probably find an open source alternative that does a similar job.

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This piece of software, "Code Visual to Flowchart" says its can convert many different types of code into flowcharts in real-time. It does not say anything about pseudocode, but it list many kind of languages which it can interpret, maybe you can use one of these instead? It certainly sounds neat to be able to create flowcharts out of easy written code.

Code Visual to Flowchart by Fatesoft

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Free, psuedocode, great tool for flowcharting:

SFC - A Structured Flow Chart Editor

This is what I was looking for, finally found it.

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For spanish users, PseInt is a great choice.

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