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In my application, most BigDecimal numbers in forms are formatted to 2 decimal values. So I have my own BigDecimal to String converter in ConversionService (to override locale to use decimal comma instead of dot). But on specific places, i need to change that format to for example 4 decimal values. What is the best way to achieve that? I tried using @NumberFormat annotation, but I also need to use decimal comma.

Also, how does ConversionService and @NumberFormat interfere with each other in Spring MVC 3? Specifically, in <spring:form> tags? Thanks.

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If your 2dp values are currency values then you might like to try wrapping them in a custom "Money" type. You could then write a formatter that displayes to 2dp but in the future it would also give you the flexibillity to introduce a currency value and possibly include that in the output. E.G. £2.99 or 2,99€.

I first read about this pattern in Martin Fowlers patterns of enterprise architecture. http://martinfowler.com/eaaCatalog/money.html

I know it doesn't answer your specific question but I thought it might be a useful consideration that could lead you to the right answer. Hope it helps.

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