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how do i find out what version of tinymce i am running

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Having a look at the source of tinymce (file tiny_mce_src.js, which is easier to read than, tiny_mce.js which is minified) :

var tinymce = {
    majorVersion : '3',
    minorVersion : '2.5',
    releaseDate : '2009-06-29',

    // lots of code ^^


So, I'd say that, in Javascript, something like this :

tinymce.majorVersion + '.' + tinymce.minorVersion

would do.

I tried it on the demo page, using firebug, and I get :

>>> tinymce.majorVersion + '.' + tinymce.minorVersion

So, seems to be working ;-)

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Neat that they include it for the client to check. Although, this results in "@@tinymce_major_version@@.@@tinymce_minor_version@@" if they're building from the source, in which cases, checking dates in companion files or their timestamps are your best option, unfortunately. –  Alastair Feb 14 '13 at 2:09

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