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I have been counting NULL and non-NULL columns with a subselect and some aggregate functions

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE citizens(name text, country text,profession text,postalcode text);

 ('Fred', 'USA', 'Professor', NULL),
 ('Amy', 'USA', 'Professor', NULL),
 ('Ted', 'USA', 'Professor', 90210),
 ('Barb', 'USA', 'Lawyer', 10248),
 ('Wally', 'USA', 'Lawyer', NULL),
 ('Fred', 'Canada', 'Professor', 'S0H'),
 ('Charles', 'Canada', 'Professor', 'S4L'),
 ('Nancy', 'Canada', 'Lawyer', NULL),
 ('Linda', 'Canada', 'Professor', NULL),
 ('Steph', 'France', 'Lawyer', 75008 ),
 ('Arnold', 'France', 'Lawyer', 75008 ),
 ('Penny', 'France', 'Lawyer', 75008 ),
 ('Harry', 'France', 'Lawyer', NULL);

SELECT country,
    MAX(have_postalcode::int*num) AS num_have,
    MAX((1-have_postalcode::int)*num) AS num_not_have
    SELECT country, profession,
        COUNT(*) AS num,
        (postalcode IS NOT NULL) AS have_postalcode
    FROM citizens
    GROUP BY country, profession, have_postalcode
    ) AS d
GROUP BY country, profession

with the result

USA     Professor   1   2
Canada  Lawyer      0   1
USA     Lawyer      1   1
France  Lawyer      3   1
Canada  Professor   2   1

but it seems like there ought to be a slicker way (for example it pains me that MAX is used just to grab the one nontrivial value). Does anybody have a cool idea?

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SELECT country, profession,
        COUNT(postalcode) AS num_have
      , (COUNT(*) - COUNT(postalcode)) AS num_not_have
FROM citizens
GROUP BY country, profession;!1/17a9d/15

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I didn't know about Great find! – Brian B Oct 11 '12 at 17:19
SELECT  country
,       profession
,       sum(case when postalcode is not null then 1 end) as num_have
,       sum(case when postalcode is null then 1 end) as num_not_have
FROM    citizens
,       profession
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SELECT Country, Profession, 
    count(Country) as num_have, count(*) - count(PostalCode) as num_not_have
FROM citizens
GROUP BY Country, Profession
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count(Country) counts all rows with a non-null country. You're probably looking for count(postalcode) and count(*) - count(postalcode) – Andomar Oct 11 '12 at 17:00
you are right, count() and count() - count(postalcode) – Zdravko Danev Oct 11 '12 at 17:02
Even the author agrees this answer is wrong. But it still gets three upvotes and is the accepted answer. Weird. – Andomar Oct 11 '12 at 17:32
it is not really wrong, it will work fine, just count(*) is better... – Zdravko Danev Oct 11 '12 at 17:38
The second part of count(Country) - count(State) is pretty wrong though ;) – Andomar Oct 11 '12 at 18:53

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