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My goal is to build a task dashboard app which will pull tasks from different systems (e.g. Basecamp, Apple Reminders, ...) and display them in a certain way to a user. My biggest question so far whether there is any way how to access Apple Reminders with web application. I know it is possible via iOS app or OSX app. I guess I have to connect directly to Apple iCloud servers but haven't found any meaningful answer or hint how to do that.

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Check this gem https://github.com/adammck/ruby-icloud. It's supposed to be an iCloud api in Ruby but it just supports reminders for now. So, you are a lucky guy ;)

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Tomas, if it's useful, we just released iCloud/iOS Reminders support in Taco. It already supports Basecamp, Basecamp Classic, Highrise, and about 40 other services: https://tacoapp.com/. There's also a Chrome extension so you can see your iCloud reminders on new Chrome tabs.

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