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I am looking at Spring Batch (2.1.9) for processing CSV files uploaded by users. The flow I need to support includes two major job-templates for many file formats.

  • validation of the uploaded file that includes:
    • Parsing and validating the format of all provided fields for each record (using regexp)
    • Business validation of the mapped object
    • Generating a detailed report that provides the total record count, invalid record count, and a detail of the errors (line number and all the errors found in it)

Only files that have no errors can be fully processed in a second job triggered by the user that uploaded it:

  • Processing the file:
    • Parsing the file
    • storing the records to the DB (using a service call)
    • commit all the records in the uploaded file or rollback if there are errors
    • provide feedback on the processing (success or failure)

I have looked at various examples but couldn't find good examples for:

  • defining regexp for the fields in an ItemReader
  • collecting errors and generating file-processing report.
  • commit or rollback the entire job (no commit-interval)
  • using a single job definition and passing (reference?) to the CSV fields, regexp expressions, business validation service, and processing service at runtime (based on the file type)

I would appreciate any pointers to sample code that addresses these issues

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