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In my current project, I have a requirement of abstracting data-type heterogeneity among different database.

For instance, I have a table in MySQL database. Table name is FIRSTTABLE(badgeID *Integer* , pref INT).

I have a table in Apache-Derby database. Table name is FIRSTTABLE (badgeID *varchar(12)*, pref INT).

Now, query component, which queries MySQL database and Apache Derby database at same time, has badgeID as "double".

My requirement is that query-component should not know underlying database (either MySQL or Apache Derby). Its query should be independent of type of database.

How could I resolve this issue ? My research problem is not limited to MySQL or Apach-Derby. For clarity, I have taken an example of Apache-Derby and MySQL.

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You have to write an adapter. Your adapter could be one Java class or more than one Java class.

Based on your example, it would look something like this.

public class DatabaseAdapter {

    private DatabaseType type;

    public DatabaseAdapter(DatabaseType type) {
        this.type = type;

    public ResultSet selectFirstTable(double badgeID) {
        if (type == DatabaseType.Derby) {
            String s = Double.toString(badgeID);
            return derbySelectFirstTable(s);
        } else if (type == DatabaseType.MySQL) {
            int i = (int) badgeID;
            return mysqlSelectFirstTable(i);
        } else {
            return null;


public enum DatabaseType {
    MySQL, Derby

Another, better way of coding this is to use an interface. Again, using your example, the code would look something like this.

public interface Database {
    public ResultSet selectFirstTable(double badgeID);

public class MySQLDatabase implements Database {

    public ResultSet selectFirstTable(double badgeID) {
         int i = (int) badgeID;
         // code to select first table in MySQL


public class DerbyDatabase implements Database {

    public ResultSet selectFirstTable(double badgeID) {
        String s = Double.toString(badgeID);
        // code to select first table in Derby


Somewhere in your code, you would initialize the Database interface with the correct data base type.

Database database = null;
if (type == DatabaseType.MySQL) {
    database = new MySQLDatabase();
} else if (type == DatabaseType.Derby) {
    database = new DerbyDatabase();
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