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I am new to php/codeignitor and trying to post changes on form checkboxes to my db. The row to modify is assigned by the gl_id below. I am not sure how to use my update_checked function in the model to post TRUE to each of these fields where gl_id =x and FALSE using to the remaining fields not in the array. I can create and view the array of checked values using $_POST['checked'] in the controller and passing it to the model. Now I need to use this array to post to the db where gl_id = the value from the form in the view.

In View

    <h1>Update GL id <?php echo $gl_field['gl_id'];?></h1>
            <input type="checkbox" <?php if ($gl_field['stat'] == "TRUE") {echo "checked = checked";} ?>   
            name = "checked[]" id="stat" value= "stat"  /><BR CLEAR="all">
            <input type="checkbox" <?php if ($gl_field['exclude'] == "TRUE") {echo "checked = checked";} ?>  
            name="checked[]" id="exclude" value= "exclude"><BR CLEAR="all">
            <input type="checkbox" <?php if ($gl_field['override'] == "TRUE") {echo "checked = checked";} ?>          
            name= "checked[]" id= "override" value = "override"/><BR CLEAR="all">

In Controller

            public function update_table(){
               $checked_array = $_POST['checked'];

In Model

    foreach($checked_array as $true){
            echo $true;                             

To clarify when I pull the information into the form in the example above all of the checkboxes are set to "TRUE" in the db so they are checked. If I uncheck stat and click submit I am able to see an array with the values (exclude, override).

I appreciate any help that sets me in the right direction.

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To update your table with CI all at once, you need an array like this:

    $data = array(
        'column_1_name' => 'value_to_insert'
        'column_2_name' => 'value_to_insert'
        'column_2_name' => 'value_to_insert'

Right now, you have an array like this $checked_array = ('stat', 'exclude', 'override') - with more or fewer members.

To create the array that you can use in your update statement (like $data above), what you need to do is create another array with the name of each column and a value equal to 1 if it is in $checked_array or 0 if it was not in $checked array.

The function add_values() below can do that for you. You have to supply two arguments:

  1. $all_possibilities is an array of each column name that you will want to update to either 1 or 0. In this case, it should look like $all_possibilities = array('stat', 'exclude', 'override');
  2. $selected: this is an array with the names of the boxes that were actually selected - it is a subset of $all_possibilities (or it is the same if all the boxes were checked).

This function goes in your controller.

    function add_values($all_possibilities, $selected) {

        $array_for_query = array();
        // this goes through each possible box that can be checked to see if that possibility was actually selected
        foreach($all_possibilities as $array_member) {
            // this checks to see if the current member of $all_possibilities is found in the $selected array
            if (in_array($array_member, $selected)) {
                    // if it is, it adds that as a member of a new query $array_for_query and gives it a value of 1 (true)
                    $array_for_query[$array_member] = 1;
                } else {
                    // if it is not, same as above, but gives it a value of 0
                    $array_for_query[$array_member] = 0;        

        // once all the possibilities have been checked and added to the query array, that array is returned
        return $array_for_query;

Now you can call the function and pass the two arguments in. The returned array is assigned to $checked_and_unchecked.

    $data['checked_and_unchecked'] = add_values($possibilities, $checked_array);

Make sure you also grab the gl_id from the form. You can do that with a hidden field in your view:

    <input type="hidden" name="gl_id" value="<?php echo $gl_field['gl_id'];?>" />

In the controller, grab that value with

    $data['gl_id'] = $this->input->post('gl_id');

Then you can pass the information to your model and update your table passing in the name of the table and the array you created.


This will then go in the model:

    $this->db->update('table_name', $checked_and_unchecked);
    $this->db->where('gl_id', $gl_id);
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Thanks for the explanation and function Tayler. It is working great! – vizyourdata Oct 12 '12 at 19:46

If a checkbox is unchecked in the HTML, the value does not get sent via $_POST. This is not accounted for in CodeIgniter. This is how I deal with this issue. In the controller:

 * Set post values for unchecked boxes.
 * @access private
 * @return void
private function _section_checkboxes()
    if (!$this->input->post('is_active')) {$_POST['is_active'] = 0;}
    // other checkboxes here...

 * if form validation passes, run this to edit a section
 * @access public
 * @return void
public function do_edit_section()
    if ($this->section_model->edit_section($this->input->post()))

And in the model:

 * updates a section with active record, returns success.
 * @access public
 * @param array $data
 * @return bool
public function edit_section(array $data)
    $this->db->where('id', $data['id']);
    return $this->db->update('sections', $data);

And in the view, using the form helper:

<?=form_checkbox(array('name' => 'is_active', 'id' => 'is_active_field', 'value' => '1', 'checked' => (bool)$item->is_active))?>

Now your unchecked checkboxes are set as 0 when unchecked, 1 when checked. I hope this answers your question.

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Thanks for the suggestions Mike! – vizyourdata Oct 12 '12 at 19:45
You're welcome! Here's a helper to make it even easier – Mike Funk Nov 2 '12 at 23:23

So I still needed help getting the final touches on the overall project so I wanted to post the final results here for anyone as green as I looking to control checkboxes from the db and the db from checkboxes.


    [function from Tayler and]
    $all_checkbox_fields = array('stat','exclude','override');  
        $checked_array = $_POST['checkbox'];
        $data['checkbox'] = $this->add_values($all_checkbox_fields, $checked_array); 
        $data['gl_id'] = $this->input->post('gl_id');


    public function update_checked($data){
        $this->default_db->where('gl_id', $data['gl_id']); 
        $this->default_db->update('oracle_table', $data['checkbox']); 


        <input type="checkbox" <?php if ($gl_field['stat'] == "1") {echo "checked = checked";} ?>   
        name = "checkbox[]" id="stat" value= "stat"/><BR>
        <input type="checkbox" <?php if ($gl_field['exclude'] == "1") {echo "checked = checked";} ?>  
        name="checkbox[]" id="exclude" value= "exclude"/><BR>
        <input type="checkbox" <?php if ($gl_field['override'] == "1") {echo "checked = checked";} ?>          
        name= "checkbox[]" id= "override" value = "override" ><BR>
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