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How can I access C# class attributes inside a Razor engine view file?

C# class:

public class OrderProgressPage
    bool isComplete();

Razor view:

@model ViewModels.OrderProgressPage
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One clean way to do that would be by using a local function in the Razor file

    private Test GetTestAttribute(object obj)
        // TODO: This returns null if TestAttribute was not on the class
        TestAttribute myAttribute =
            Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(obj, typeof (TestAttribute)) as TestAttribute;


Reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/71s1zwct.aspx

If you need to pass in an attribute name to check, you can use

Type.GetType(string typeName)

Depending on what you are doing, you could also change GetTestAttribute to a generic function with a signature like

private T GetAttribute<T>(object obj)
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