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I have an ttl file like following:

<http://www.foo.com/subject1> <http://www.foo.com/tag> "disabled", "my-tag1" . <http://www.foo.com/subject2> <http://www.foo.com/tag> "my-tag2" . <http://www.foo.com/subject3> <http://www.foo.com/tag> "my-tag3" .

How can I form a query to remove subjects having a tag 'disabled'? Subject can have zero or more tags. I tried,

SELECT ?subject
    OPTIONAL { ?subject <http://www.foo.com/tag> ?tagValue . }
    FILTER (!BOUND(?tagValue) || (str(?tagValue) != 'disabled'))

But this doesn't work when we have more than one tag for a subject. Any ideas?

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2 Answers

Got the answer on semantic-web. link to answer is here

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The query:

select distinct ?s where { ?s <http://www.foo.com/tag> "disabled". }

Will grab all resources with a tag value of "disabled". Then you have your list of resources to delete in whatever manner is appropriate for your application.

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right...that is one way to go, I just don't want to do post-processing of the results. –  Ksh Padalkar Oct 11 '12 at 19:00
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