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I'm currently playing around with Enums in C# and I got an issue which I can't fix. I tried to "google" around, but I haven't found anything solid and fast.

I have an Enum, which looks like that:

public enum Test {
   Hello = 1234,
   AnotherValue = 382

Looks legit so far. Now for testing purpose I tried the following thing:

int ToCheck = 382;
if(ToCheck == Test.Hello) { ... } // <-- that is the part which won't work.

How does it have to look correctly?

Thanks for the help in advanced.

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if(ToCheck == (int)Test.Hello)


if((Test)ToCheck == Test.Hello)
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Thank you very much, Flem! –  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oct 11 '12 at 17:52

I was browsing more around and found that casting (int) on it works. So the solution is:

if(ToCheck == (int) Test.Hello) { ... }

Sorry! I hope this might help anyone!

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You can try with

if(ToCheck == (int)Test.Hello) { ... }
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