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I have a form which has many inputs and will need to be broken up and sent to different databases. What would be the more efficient way to do this, with a regular HTML post to a PHP function or posting to an AJAX(or JQUERY?) function. I don't know much of all the options available for posting and processing data, but if clarification is needed please ask.(If it matters, my project is written in PHP)

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If you have a big comprehensive form the better way is divide it on small parts and code step-by-step form submission. In this case you can store data with simple PHP request but validate form fields input with AJAX verification.

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The form isn't large per-say, it has 4 fields that go to one table, and a variable amount of fields go to another table(which is linked to the first table) –  Mike Oct 11 '12 at 21:35

If your HTML contains inputs such that the values are independent to each other then sending a separate request is good else AJAX is good option.

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