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I need to highlight a column in my bar chart. I found this example

They're using this.update({ color: '#f00' }, true, false) in the click event.

My question is, how do I get this so I can change the color, without a click event? What is this?

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Check out this fiddle. You can add colors into the data when you are creating it like this:

data: [29.9, {y: 34.4, color: 'red'}, {y: 176.0, color: '#aaff99'}, 135.6 ......
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If you look the reference you will see that each point can be a number, array of numbers or object.
When it's an object you can set color, dataLabels, events, id, marker, name, x and y.
So, this case you have to pass an object to the point which you want to set the color.

this refers the clicked point and not the chart. Reference

If you log this you will see that. demo

When you bind the event to the point, this refers the point.
When you bind the event to the serie, this refers the serie.
When you bind the event to the chart, this refers the chart.

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