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I'm trying to organize my Rails application into two namespaces that provide the same resources, but with different controllers and views. Something like the following cenario:


resources :beehives do
    resources :bees
    resources :honeycombs

namespace :api do
    resources :beehive, only: [:show] do
        resources :bees, only: [:index, :show]
        resources :honeycombs, only: [:index, :show]

Using scaffold, I've created the controllers structure:

rails g controller api/beehives

rails g controller api/beehives/bees

rails g controller api/beehives/honeycombs

And the folder structure I got for controllers sounds like this:

+ app
  + controllers
    - beehives_controller.rb
    - bees_controller.rb
    - honeycombs_controller.rb
    + api
      - beehives_controller.rb
      + beehives
        - bees_controller.rb
        - honeycombs_controller.rb


class Api::BeehivesController < ApplicationController 


class Api::BeehivesController < ApplicationController 


class Api::Beehives::BeesController < ApplicationController 

Well, that was easy. In this context, /beehives/1 will route to root namespace (intended for the web application) and /api/beehives/1 to the "api" namespace (intended for providing a RESTful webservice). That's working really fine. The problem is when I try to access /api/beehives/1/bees, for some reason, the namespacing is not applying to the nested resource and Rails spit this error:

uninitialized constant Api::BeesController

What I'm doing wrong?

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resources :beehive + nested resources :bees doesn't require your respective controllers to be nested too. It's just a way of constructing URLs. So, it's naturally that your app asks for Api::BeesController instead of Api::Beehives::BeesController.

If you have any doubts, use rake routes command to check your routes and their associated controllers.

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It worked. Thanks! – derekstavis Oct 12 '12 at 0:29
But hey @jdoe , this broke my folder structure. I had to put the related controllers inside api folder, instead of api/beehives. That breaks my organization because inside api folder I will have more than one resource to provide. – derekstavis Oct 12 '12 at 3:41
@DerekWillianStavis resources accepts :module => 'behives' option. Also you can use scope :module => 'behives' do ... end wrapper for your nested resource. – jdoe Oct 12 '12 at 6:17
I thought :module wouldn't work with namespaces, but it does. Thanks a lot! – derekstavis Oct 12 '12 at 15:38

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