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We have a client which uses http-outboundgateway to place REST calls

<int-http:outbound-gateway request-channel="glNewsRequestChannel"
url="${gl.url}" http-method="GET" expected-response-type="java.lang.String"
reply-channel="glHeaderEnricher" charset="iso-8859-1">
<int-http:uri-variable name="site_code"
expression="payload" />

When response is fetched and saved logged in a file, it shows some jumbled character -which is basically unable to translate in specific encoding. I referred SI documentation which mention unless a factory is specified Java URLconnection class is used to place REST call. To narrow down the issue, I wrote a small Java program and used the URLconnection class directly without using any out of box template or gateway -it successfully fetches and renders all the special character. I tried another standalone app which apache http library and it was also able to fetch the character. Any configuration which I am missing as part of SI ?

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Further investigation revealed that we were using wrong message converter -Instead of using String converter if we use byte[], in accordance to bytearraymessageconverter -it works as expected.

    <int-http:outbound-gateway request-channel="glNewsRequestChannel" url="${gl.url}" 
    http-method="GET" message-converters="byteArrayHttpMessageConverter" 
    expected-response-type="byte[]" reply-channel="glHeaderEnricher" 
    charset="iso-8859-1">  <int-http:uri-variable name="site_code" 
    expression="payload" /> 

Where byteArrayHttpMessageConverter can be defined as :

    <bean id="byteArrayHttpMessageConverter"
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