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There is any way to ignore client "Cache-Control: max-age=0" and always let squid to return stale content?

In Squid 3.2 works using "ignore-cc" and the request never reaches backend (only while revalidating), always is stale but in Squid 2.7 works fine unless you send the Cache-control: max-age=0 and If-Modified-Since headers.

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Well, after trying all alternatives, I modified the source code to implement the feature.

I changed in the Squid-2.7-stable9 the file src/refresh.c:282:

282:    if (request) {


282:    if (request && FALSE) {

They do something like that in the 3.X to implement ignoreCc:

269:    if (request && !request->flags.ignore_cc) {

Worked as expected.

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